HCG Fat Loss Program

HCG fat loss program is meant for overweight people who want to lose extra pounds from their body. One gets obese when abnormal fat is accumulated in different body parts like chin, thighs, abdomen, buttock and arms. HCG that stands for human chorionic gonadotropin is a glycoprotein based hormone consumed orally or injected in the body to burn abnormal fatty tissues into calories. Everyday consumption of this hormone along with a very low calorie diet can give back a toned and curvaceous body in few days. This  fat loss program was discovered by Dr. Simeons in his book ‘Pounds and Inches’.

Why Should You Use HCG for Weight Loss?

  • You should use HCG for weight loss as it is a healthy and effective way to get a slim figure. Without any serious workouts and starving diet, users can really knock off the excess fat with the help of this hormone.
  • You should use HCG for weight loss as it only targets the abnormal fat. Unlike other diet plan, it does not influence the essential normal and structural fats.
  • HCG release the locked away calorie reserves that accelerator metabolism. With the additional 500 calorie diet, your body is producing bulk energy that makes you energetic and more focused.
  • 10 to 15 homeopathic sub lingual drops with the collaboration of 500 calorie diet will shed 1-3 lbs daily. Dieters should drink plenty of water and enough sleeping hours to enhance the performance of this hormone.
  • HCG homeopathic drops are taken under the tongue for fast absorption. The diluted medicine takes no time to reach blood stream and thus, starts crunching abnormal fatty tissues into calories more rapidly than shots and pills.

E-commerce In India

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HCG Diet Drops For Weight Loss

HCG diet drops are getting more prevalent among the people as compared to
HCG injections. These oral drops has helped many of them in losing weight quickly without any side effects Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ has brought about a revolution in the health science by discovering the utility of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the treatment of obesity disorder. The Dr Simeons’ Weight Loss Protocol has become worldwide popular for its high effectiveness. It suggests that with 500 calorie diet, the hormonal dose of HCG can result one pound weight loss per day.

How Dr. Simeons Fat Loss Protocol Work?

The manner in which Dr. Simeons Fat Loss Protocol works is different from the other weight loss programs. When the body is induced with the hormone, a situation is created which is quite similar to that of pregnant women. Additional energy production becomes necessary. But the calorie consumption is restricted to 500 per day. So the only option left is to decompose the fat bank. The hormone activates the hypothalamus gland for the extra energy.

In this process, extra pounds are lost from the flabby areas without giving any discomfort to the dieter. The dieter never feels week, rather becomes fit and healthy within a few weeks.

The diet is available in different forms which include injections, oral drops, pills, gels and sprays. However, the sublingual drops are the most preferred one among the different sections of people. These are user friendly as people can take them in their work place as well. One has to take the drop under his tongue. Since it is pre-diluted, it takes only five minutes to dissolve in the blood. Online availability makes your purchase hassle free.

Low calorie shirataki noodles can be taken during the HCG diet period as it is rich in fiber. Dieter need to maintain 500 calorie diet with correct HCG dosage. One can buy HCG drops online as well as over the counter from medical stores, HCG clinics and grocery stores. These diet drops can be administered under the tongue without the supervision of medical expert. Dieter need to follow Simeons protocol strictly in order to get effective results during the HCG diet period.

Dream Recorder

Dream Recorder is a sleep monitoring system detecting body motion with a professional night vision processing for iSights. Motion and sleep phases are strongly correlated. Discover the most unconventional experience you’ll ever had with your mac.

  • Opening New Fields: You spend a third of your life sleeping. Night times are not as quiet as we think they are. As a physiological fact, skin also gets improved during the sleep phases if you apply Fade Cream before you go to bed. They are detected by Dream Recorder that reconstructs your sleep profile. It also helps in increasing the physical strength which can also be done by taking Nitric Oxide Supplement in consideration which do not have any side effects.
  • A Sleep Monitor: Many sportsmen use Dream Recorder to monitor their night time recovery. For this purpose, Dream Recorder is fitted with a statistics section keeping records, nights after nights, for many parameters. Dream Recorder helps you recollecting your dreams. Select a sound to gently wake you up, just after a dream, and tell them, before their memory vanish. Dream Recorder will detect your voice and log them for the next day.

Dreams are an endless source of inspiration, and Dream Recorder is used by novelists, painters and creative people in general.

  • Sleeper Ergonomic Interface: A high quality interface for a great user experience. The user interface of Dream Recorder has been designed for sleepy users. When used regularly, the installation of the computer, finding information and starting the rercording should be as easy as possible. Therefore, all features are easily accessible from the main panel. Colors are dark on purpose. All panels and buttons have smooth appearance, with light but distinct sounds. Minimal clicking as a rule.

Using the screen backlight can be disturbing. We managed to minimize this trade-off every user makes using this application. The light apparition is smooth — a flash would wake you up — and the time of the first snapshot can be postponed, letting you fall asleep quietly, without your attention being caught by the measurement process.

Our night times are very important and should in no way disturbed by computers. This is our motto.

  • A Film Of Your Night: Dream Recorder transforms your iSight, a camcorder or any webcam into a long pause/ night vision camera. The light source is the screen backlight. It gently switches on and off, so that you won’t even notice it. Dream Recorder also has an infrared mode.
  • Placing The Camera: Your computer should be placed near your bed such that the screen backlight is sufficient for the night vision and that the upper part of your body takes a fourth of the image. The best place is actually on the night table. Dream Recorder is designed for laptops.
  • Innovative Night Vision: Using the sole computer backlight to get a workable image from a standard webcam is a challenge. On the left, the amazing outcome of months of processing engineering. Matching this quality was the necessary condition for launching Dream Recorder.
  • Scientific Background: Dream Recorder has been developed by scientists specialised in instrumentation. This project came to life at the occasion of collaboration which also improves the sleep and helps to memorize your dream to huge extent.

Body motions are related to sleep phases, however they are not the most reliable criteria for deciding on the present sleep state. Dream Recorder will never compete with an EEG. The accuracy of determination reaches 75% for an adult between 15 and 55 y.o., without sleep disorders. Dream Recorder should not be used for medical purposes.

  • Professional Video And Audio Processing: Dream recorder uses professional data processing techniques for its night vison and audio recognition.

The night vision stems from techniques used by astronomers to detect small or distant stars from telescopes pictures taken by large array CCD sensors. The algorithm uses virtual backlighting processes, establishing the probability of pixel information being real information or a perturbation. The snoring detection and microphone squelch are based on spectrogram and wavelets analysis. Both are designed for a silent environment. Dream Recorder provides some test panels for testing these features.